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Bat-Yam beaches

Just a short distance from the crowded Tel Aviv beaches you’ll find the city of Bat Yam with its wonderful Mediterranean beaches. Bat Yam’s coastlines stretches for three and a half kilometers and includes eight stunning municipal beaches, as well as five other breathtaking beaches which are not municipal, where swimming is prohibited. Each of Bat Yam’s beaches are different, some are great for swimming, some for surfing and there are some that are protected nature reserves.

Here’s a list of Bat Yam’s beaches:

Sea Palace Beach

This expansive beach is Bat Yam’s northernmost beach, it is unsupervised and swimming is not allowed. The beach has a natural lagoon which many locals use to take out their boats.

Surfers’ Beach

Adjacent to it you’ll come to the “Surfers’ Beach”, where, despite not being an official municipality beach that allows swimming, you’ll find plenty of sea activities going on, such as surfing.

Jerusalem Beach

And, you’ll also find Jerusalem Beach, where bathing is permitted. 

Rocky Beaches

Next, you’ll come to three rocky beaches, which are great for a quiet swim in the artificial lagoon which is created by the breakwaters.

Dogma Beach

Dogma Beach is a municipal beach where swimming is allowed. You can also enjoy a great meal or a drink in one of the many restaurants and bars that line the beach.

Riviera Beach

This beach, where swimming is permitted, has become well known for the temporary art exhibitions that are hosted right there on the beach and you can take a walk on the spectacular pier.

Marina Beach

Another beach where swimming is not permitted.

Dekel (Palm) Beach

This is not a municipal beach but you can spend time here enjoying the golden sand, blue sea and clean air.

Shirat HaYam – gender-segregated beach

This municipal beach offers orthodox Jews the option of enjoying a modest gender segregated day at the beach.

Theo Beach

Theo Beach is the southernmost municipal beach in Bat Yam. There are big plans for this beach: an access road to the beach, a pedestrian promenade and a bike path that stretches from this beach to Rishon Letsyion. The “Sea Park” an innovative, unique residential, business, recreation and tourism project that is currently under construction is located on Theo’s beachfront.

Beach Info

The summer swimming season in Bat Yam opens every May and ends September or October.

Lifesaving stations are manned seven days a week, from 8: 15-17: 45, and July-August from 8: 15-18: 45.

During the winter season there is one lifesaving station open, from 08:00 – 16:00.


If you’ve always wanted to learn to surf, now is your chance! The “Al HaGal” (On The Wave) surf school in Bat Yam offers lessons to beginners.

Bat Yam Promenade

The city’s new promenade stretches from Jaffa in the north to Rishon Letsyion in the south, offering walking trails, cycling lanes, and stunning beaches. Walk past the city’s hotels, restaurants and bars and stop in to have a drink or a bite to eat. In recent years Bat Yam’s promenade has become a buzzing entertainment center that hosts frequent international festivals and events.

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